Medication List

Schedule each medication


You enter in your medications much like your doctor writes them in the prescription. Med Manager turns that into a easy to see chart.

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Check them off as you go

Each day, check off the medications as you take them. You can see what you've taken, and what you have left to take. 

Screenshot of doctor info

Fax, call or drive to your doctor

Doctor contact info is a giant pain. Med manager keeps that info in your pocket or bag every day.

It's stored on your phone; you can easily use it in a place that doesn't have the best mobile internet service.

Fax Screen

Save a ton of paperwork

Every time you go to the doctor they hand you a ream of paperwork to fill out. 

You can skip a lot of that paperwork by sending your medication history by fax to your doctor. 

You can also let your doctors share information among one another easily by sending the standardized HIPAA release form that they all want. It lists each doctor's contact info and a authorization you sign that allows them to share your record. 

Med Manager supports large text settings

If you have your phone set to display larger text by default, Med Manager will honor that choice throughout the app. Don't let finding your glasses keep you from taking your meds correctly.